A truly exceptional travel house

The promise made by Apanage

Founded in 1995 by Pascal Le Borgne, Apanage is renowned for its dream trips offered to a legitimately demanding and discrete clientele. The Apanage experience revolves around two key offers:

Bespoke voyages

For our clients seeking inspiration in our offers we create tailor-made journeys that are always true to our core values: a high degree of customization, refinement, uniqueness and exclusivity of the experiences provided, as well as complete compliance with our customers’ wishes. From a romantic escapade in Tuscany by private plane to an unforgettable world tour, each request will receive the same degree of meticulous care and attention.
Voyages de grand prestige

The Voyage Collection

Each year, Apanage also designs a collection of exceptional voyages for clients who prefer to let themselves be carried along on trips carefully crafted in advance for small groups of 10 to 12 people. These Grand Prestige trips are often themed or designed around a specific destination. They are created with minute attention to detail in order to guarantee exceptional travel conditions, in particular, thanks to the flexibility provided by a combination of private flights for short and medium-haul trips with commercial flights in First or Business class for longer journeys. For example, an 8-day epicurean European trip will be made by private aircraft while a 15-day trip to Latin America will be made by airliner for the transatlantic leg and by private plane for domestic flights within the continent.
Secret Services

An exceptional private concierge service

To complete our services, we offer our travellers the assistance of our private Concierge throughout their journey.
The Founder

Pascal Le Borgne

A passionate devotee of travel and the world of luxury, Pascal Le Borgne founded the company Apanage in 1995, which he has managed ever since. At the end of the 90’s, he also created a prestigious event management company in New York which he managed until 2014. Then, driven by his keen sense of service, it was quite natural that he should form the exceptional private concierge company Secret Services in 2017. This establishment provides its carefully selected Members with the full range of services of the Lifestyle & Travel universe thanks to a team of eminently qualified Concierges.